2015: A resolution to share Inspirations

2014 has been a great year, a lot of things have happened to me and the people around me. I got married, had a daughter, held a webmaker mentors training with Michelle Thorne and had Mark Surman around for the first ever Mozilla Festival, East Africa held in Uganda, travelled to various countries, joined the Mozilla Reps council as a council member and a lot more.

San James' wedding

San James and Leatitia Kampiire. Our wedding was awesome, thanks to Bishop Zac Niringiye for officiating


Dad and Daughter: Little Atuki Amari Ruby Irankunda San is very special


An epic moment with council members, peers and other reps mentors in Portland, Oregon. It was lovely meeting you all.

In all this, there has been a deep desire to share with the rest of the world what was going on but I didn’t. Probably the most I did was to share a couple of pictures on Facebook and of course, a few insightful comments. These can be quite informative and revealing, yes, because as the old adage goes…a picture, is worth a thousand words. However, for many others, we do love to read the story as we look at the pictures. It brings out the story a lot more elaborately and gives a lot more meaning to the pictures.

So in 2015, one of the conscious decisions I have made is to blog about the different things that happen in my life. The great experiences that I go through as well as the challenging times that by Gods grace I have always overcome.

So you would ask…what took you so long to make such a simple decision?

Indeed, it’s a simple decision…to many, but to some it involves quite a lot, especially in the beginning. I remember, when I first started out on this journey, having become a Mozilla Rep and having to blog about the different activities I undertake, I had no idea what a good blog post would look like, or what it would be like to have a personal blog. For sometime this was a challenge and even though I tried, I just did not feel the impact. My blog articles did not appeal even to myself…ever been there? I didn’t seem to have the time to invest in setting up a blog or following up to ensure it was up to date. But more so, I did not have a place to start, for real, it was just not obvious.

So what has changed? how did you find where to start?

Over the years, I found out and trust me, the best place to start, is to read other experienced peoples blogs, especially of events you were involved in and part of. You will be amazed, its inspiring and will get you just ready to take your next step.

Reading other peoples blogs about events I have been to with them has changed me. Take for example Michelle Thorne’s blog post on the webmaker mentors training in Kampala and Mark Surman’s blog post about the Mozilla Festival in East Africa, they are great reads, right? Its not just a report back about how the agenda was followed but what inspiration is drawn from the event and useful information that is shared. How about Christian Heilmann’s blog on Google IOU? or Mitchell Baker’s blog post about herself? They are all amazing, and when you read one article, you want to read another. I could go on and on with this list of amazing blogs I have come across and you know the list is endless.

Of course, one would argue that these great authors also possess lots of experience, for example Mark Surman has more than 20 years’ experience, has written two books presented at 100+ conferences and numerous blog posts over the years, but every journey has a beginning and this is mine! Thanks to all who have inspired me to take this step.

Diving into 2015, I’m looking forward to a more eventful year and will be sharing every detail of it right here. I will also keep drawing more inspiration from exciting blogs and will not forget to link back to them.

Sooooo! 2015, blog, blog and blog some more!


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